2015 Ford Mustang Adanced Measuring Session

Kar Kraft first to market with 2015 Ford Mustang Parts

2015 Ford Mustang Adanced Measuring Session

Kar Kraft’s client was a global suspension company whose main focus was Asian and European import vehicles.  As a newcomer to the US automotive aftermarket, and were looking to penetrate new markets. The objective for Kar Kraft? Develop a product road map and marketing strategy for a halo vehicle, the 50th anniversary 2015 Ford Mustang.

Kar Kraft’s product manager’s are adept in product development, sourcing, market analysis and above all, muscle cars. Each year, aftermarket companies introduce thousands of cutting-edge accessories designed to enhance and add enjoyment to vehicle ownership. While some have universal fitments, many have model-specific applications that require significantly more research and development. Our group began leveraging contacts and we among a handle full of attendees attended three advance viewings and measuring sessions for the 2015 Ford Mustang GT and Ecoboost.  Nine months prior to its fall release, Kar Kraft had developed a product road map of an array of suspension components for the new Pony car. To ensure our client was first to market we combined portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for 3D scanning with x_t files provided by Ford.

Our prototype products were test fit on Ford’s own pre-production Mustangs, and the final product was ready to ship the day the first 50th anniversary 2015 Ford Mustang left the showroom floor. Off the drawing board and into customer hands in under 90 days.


2015 Ford Mustang Front Adjustable Sway Bar alt1 2015 Ford Mustang Rear Adjustable Sway Bar alt1


Photo Credit: American Muscle

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