Leadership Philosophy


What is our leadership style and responsibilities and how will they work for you?

As company comprised of Product Managers and Designers we work with numerous departments within our customer’s organizations that we rarely have any direct line of authority over. Our job is dependent on earning their confidence and trust so we can lead by influence rather than chain of command.

We believe our role to be a service oriented position within your company’s supply chain.  It requires the ability to channel multiple viewpoints into a single overarching philosophy with a responsibility to serve your company as though it were our own. We take as much pride in the private label products we develop as those that bear our company’s crest and logo. Product development is as much about training, implementation, visioning, maintenance and communications and it is the physical part.

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“I always envisioned myself as the advocate for each of the differing departments and business components I interfaced with. My job was to advocate for whoever was not in the meeting room at that time: customers, end users, sales, marketing, engineering, customer service, or our manufacturing partners. “ – Beth, President .

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