M510RR210 Mopar-Synthetic-Rope-Jeep-Wrangler Kar Kraft

MOPAR Accessory Synthetic Winch Rope

M510RR210 Mopar-Synthetic-Rope-Jeep-Wrangler Kar Kraft

Another private label Jeep accessory we developed for MOPAR and their Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealership distribution channel.

PN: M510RR210

MSRP: $399.99

Stronger and lighter, the two key elements of Synthetic Rope that make it the choice of competition off-road vehicles everywhere. Mopar high-strength Synthetic Winch Rope is constructed from genuine Dyneema SK-75 fiber imported from the Netherlands. This revolutionary fiber is the choice of off-road enthusiast worldwide. It is stronger and lighter than wire rope and never kinks or splinters! MOPAR’s line is woven from twelve UV-treated strands, resulting in increased strength, and a power to weight ratio unmatched by wire rope.

Mopar synthetic rope comes with a protective sleeve that prevents it from over heating on the winch drum, black powdercoated latched hook, stainless steel thimble, and is pre-terminated end for ease of installation. Synthetic rope does not store energy like steel cables, and in the event of a failure it is much less likely to result in severe injuries caused by the whiplash of broken wire rope.

  • Dyneema SK-75 fiber construction
  • Stronger and lighter than wire rope
  • Never kinks or splinters
  • Woven from twelve UV-treated strands
  • Protective sleeve prevents over heating on winch drum
  • Black powdercoated latch hook
  • Stainless steel thimble
  • Pre-terminated end for ease of installation
  • Safer than wire rope

Improve the performance of you winch while shedding front end weight by add synthetic winch rope to your winch. This heavy-duty synthetic winch rope is a great addition to any winch.

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