dynacorn-1967-mustang-convertible Body Sheel Seat Divider Kar Kraft

Mustang Accessory Steel Rear Seat Divider

dynacorn-1967-mustang-convertible Body Sheel Seat Divider Kar Kraft

One of our first engineering projects focused on correcting a design flaw found in early model Mustangs. No, not the problematic cowl design, but rather the lack of a partition between the passenger compartment and the truck area of the pony car. Why is this an issue? In early model Ford Mustang’s the gas tank is screwed in to trunk extension and forms the main floor of the trunk. In the event of a rear collision fuel from the gas tank can rupture, or spill fuel from the filler hose, releasing fumes and possibly even igniting… A similar issue Ford later experienced with the Pinto.

Our engineering team developed a series of steel rear seat dividers and package tray that could be welded or screwed in place to secure the passenger compartment. The concept caught on and Ford later incorporated these deign features in the licensed reproduction Mustang bodies they reintroduced.


Mustang Steel Rear Seat Divider Trunk Kar Kraft Engineering

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