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In today’s global economy it is harder for small and medium size companies to remain competitive. You can’t compete or even lead your segment of the marketplace on pricing or quality alone. To energize your tribe and fuel additional sales you need to offer uniquely innovative quality products at manufacturing direct pricing. Too many small and medium size companies see themselves as the retail components of wholesale manufactures, but today’s breed of tech savvy customers see these companies as mere middle men. To reach the global market you need a global strategy.

For years it was nearly impossible for smaller companies to leverage the assets to break into manufacturing and strategic global sourcing. Kar Kraft Engineering can increase your profit margins and help make your company marketable by crafting a sourcing strategy for you.

We take into account your company’s strengths and compliment them with the global resources need to fill your product needs. Our team of product managers has managed multi-million dollar strategies for some of the top companies in the automotive industry. They have extensive detailed experience in all every facet of global and domestic souring and can handle all the aspects of your project. We can help secure the best deals from quality sources while preserving your intellectual property rights.

Need help with branding or logistics? Kar Kraft can handle those needs as well. We are a full serve independent product development and sourcing company. We are not a trading company, broker, or sales agent. We work directly for you to develop Aftermarket Automotive Solutions:  the Design, Development and Distribution of Aftermarket Automotive Parts.

Contact us to discover more automotive part  sourcing solutions.

D Window_steel_wheels+automated_welding_machine

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