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Kar Kraft is one of the most decorated companies in the automotive industry. We assembled a collection of automotive aftermarket leaders to design and develop aftermarket solutions for our customers. Our staff has over fifty years of combined experience designing, manufacturing, selling performance parts for automotive legends. Our offices are cluttered with dusty awards, vintage parts, and even prototypes that have yet to hit the street.  Kar Kraft is our platform to share our unique insight and enthusiasm with you.

In the past five years we have helped our customers win more than a dozen product design awards, including the SEMA Award for the Best New Interior Accessory and the top automotive executive under 35 . Take a look at legacy we are helping build:

 SEMA top 35 Under 35 Automotive Executives, 2012
 SEMA Global Media Awards, 2 won in 2012
 SEMA Award, Best New Interior Product for 2011
 SEMA Global Media Award, 2011
 Top 100 Parts of 2011, Off Road Industry Magazine
 SEMA Global Media Awards, 2 won in 2010
 Top Ten of 2010, Off-Road Industry Magazine
 SEMA Global Media Awards, 3 won in 2009
 Runner-Up, Best Off-Road Product, SEMA 2008
 SEMA Global Media Award, 3 won in 2008
 Concours Award, Mustang Club of America 25th Anniversary, 2001
 Ford Racing Top Ten Distributor 1999-2004

SEMA Award 2012 Top 35 Under 35 Automotive Executives



  1. KKE November 8, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    We added two more awards to our growing list! At the recent 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas we captured two SEMA Global Media Awards for privtae label branded automotive parts we developed:

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